Interior fit-out

One of the easy ways to go about the process of having your space designed beautifully is to get an Interior Designer. This professional will prepare for you plans, perspective renderings, and mood boards to illustrate and define the interior space before any actual fit-out is done. The layout shown on the plans expresses the relationship of the spaces with each of the elements that are placed in the room. For example, the tables and chairs are arranged in such a way that foot traffic remains unobstructed or a writing table is placed near a window to allow light during daytime. A space can be designed as simple or as complex as your own preferred design direction but with limitless options. The Interior Designer provides you these within legal parameters to fully enhance the potential of each space while articulating the room’s character and functionality. When the design process is complete and your selections are final, you can now ge4t us to build the interior space for you.Another way to go about having an Interior Fit-out done is to have us send you a proposal both for the design and and the fit-out owrks. Once we reach an agreement, we proceed with diong the design based on your best option without our agreed cost-effective parameters. Once you approve your design proposals, we proceed with the technical drawings, secure permits, and then start with the fit-out.