General Contracting

Choosing the right contractor for the job is key forthe success of a construction project. Practical considerations like referrals by personal acquaintances, credible background, oractual completed projects can helpvalidate your selection. In addition, you may also require pre-qualification documents and other prerequisite submittals toreinforce your selection criteria so that you can easily establish a firm basis for choosinga contractor. With the aid of aProject Manageror Design Professional by virtue of a service agreement engaged with you, making an informed decision in selecting a General Contractorcan easily be done.

A General Contracting Service is the provision of materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary forthe construction of the project. Although subcontractors are hired for specialized services, a General Contracting Service assigns all responsibility for the works tothe General Contractor. You can be assured of the completeness of the scope of services provided by your chosen contractorby merit of your preferred contractual arrangement thru a General Contracting Service.

Our company has grown over the years since we began as a contractor in 2007. From small interior fit-out projects to huge buildings, our reasonable bids and quality workmanshipearned us a name with our clients and still keeps our company agiletoday. Efficient resource allocation and planning, expert management strategies, and more importantly, owner satisfaction is of utmost concern in our construction projects. Now, we have completedquite a number of buildingsalready while keeping clients happywith ourwork and accomplishments as their chosen contractor.

Come visit our office for an in-depth discussion of our servicesor give us your invitation to bid. We will be glad to accommodateyou in these matters which are vital to the realization ofyour projects.