Another project delivery systemwe can gladly accommodate you in is our Design-Build service. This simplistic arrangement expressly assigns the liabilities of both the design facets and construction works of the project to theDesign-Build Contractor subsequently allowing a single point responsibilityfor all deliverables agreed on.

Design-Build, as one option among a multitude of options for construction projects, also presents a variety of approaches that you may opt for.Design Professional also provide this type of service through a Design-Build contract. Basically, it’s the same as any contract of this type where the Design Professional becomes the single entity the client deals with. The contractor hired to do the works directly answers to the Design Professional instead of the client.

One of the preconceptions clients most oftenhave is that they should onlychoosea Design-Build Contractor over a Design Professionalwhen they seek to gain more flexibility in designing based on cost rather than to have arichand masterful design expression.But at ELAB, we make it our mission to give you both flexibility in costof constructionas well asmastery indesign. The best of both worldsneatly wrappedupin aservice package for your benefit.You need not be fazed by the tedious task ahead when you embark on a project, wemake it easier through this project delivery systemso you can have the design and the building you like at the cost you can afford