General Contracting

Choosing the right contractor for the job is key forthe success of a construction project. Practical considerations like referrals by personal acquaintances, credible background, oractual completed projects can helpvalidate your selection. You may also require pre-qualification documents and other prerequisite submittals toreinforce your selection criteria so that you can easily establish a firm basis for choosinga contractor. With the aid of aProject Manageror Design Professional by virtue of a service agreement engaged with you, making an informed decision in selecting a General Contractorcan easily be done.

A General Contracting Service is the provision of materials, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of the project.Althoughsubcontractors are hired for specializedservices, a General Contracting Serviceassignsallresponsibility for the works tothe General Contractor. You can be assured of the completeness of the scope of services provided by your chosen contractorby merit of yourpreferred contractual arrangement thru a General Contracting Service.

Our company has grown over the years since we began as a contractor in 2007. From small interior fit-out projects to huge buildings, our reasonable bids and quality workmanshipearned us a name with our clients and still keeps our company agiletoday. Efficient resource allocation and planning, expert management strategies, and more importantly, owner satisfaction is of utmost concern in our construction projects. Now, we have completed quite a number of buildingsalready while keeping clients happy with ourwork and accomplishments as their chosen contractor. Come visit our officefor an in-depth discussion of our servicesor give us your invitation to bid. We will be glad to accommodateyou in these matters which are vital to the realization of your projects.

Design & Build

Another project delivery systemwe can gladlyaccommodate you in is our Design-Build service. This simplistic arrangement expressly assigns the liabilitiesofboth the design facets and construction works of the project to the Design-Build Contractor subsequently allowing a single point responsibilityfor alldeliverables agreed on.

Design-Build, as one option among a multitude of options for construction projects, also presents a variety of approaches that you may opt for.Design Professional also provide this type of service through a Design-Build contract. Basically, it’s the same as any contract of this type where the Design Professional becomes the single entity the client deals with. The contractor hired to do the works directly answers to the Design Professional instead of the client.

One of the preconceptions clients most oftenhave is that they should onlychoosea Design-Build Contractor over a Design Professionalwhen they seek to gain more flexibility in designing based on cost rather than to have arichand masterful design expression.But at ELAB, we make it our mission to give you both flexibility in costof constructionas well asmastery indesign. The best of both worldsneatly wrappedupin aservice package for your benefit.You need not be fazed by the tedious task ahead when you embark on a project, wemake it easier through this project delivery systemso you can have the design and the building you like at the cost you can afford.

Project Management

When you engage our services for Project Management, weexercisefull control over all aspectsof construction from concept to handover. From project initiation to planning, execution, and closeout, our monitoring processassures youof a well-structured methodology in all stages of development and construction. This way, your investment is ultimately secured and protected as we move your project forward to completion.

Regardless of the scale and complexity of the project, type of structure, or physical development you are planning to pursue, our service is an invaluable tool for your success. When we manageyour project, we help you get a clearer perspective of your investment as well asan overview of the complete process and its duration allowing the best financialoutlay to be structured for your project. We can achieveall these with proficiency and ease as we forge our commitment in parallel to your objectives.

There are several critical successfactors in Project Management. As the process runs its course, we keep in mind that staying within scope equates to spending within approved costs. Defined objectives and its identified benefits are closely targeted and accomplished through highly competentresource managementand skillful execution of procedural methodologies. Quality can be assured as standards are set based on agreed conditions of acceptance. Client fulfillment is our preeminent goal in Project Management and ultimately the defining achievement of the entire process.


Projects vary in complexity orscalebased on the type of development or structure designedand its scope of works. Simple ones may not require the entire range of a contract documentation processlike tendering, bidding, conferences, pre-qualification, and etc. Proceeding with cost proposals for the construction to shorten thepre-construction phase canbe a very efficient approach forthis type of projectespecially when the required plans and drawings are already available.

Typically, a client decides to search for a contractorfrom referrals or othercredible sources once he opts for this service. After duediligence, he acquires all relevant information about the contractor or his company and sets a meeting with representatives to presenthisrequirements. Once cost proposals are prepared and presented, the clientproceeds withnegotiations. When a contractamount has been agreed on, the clientpays the required initial sum so thatthe construction process may begin.

Many of the contracts entered into with our company, ELAB,are of this nature. Our clientsneednotgo through an intermediary to clarifyrequisites before handing themto a contractor but rather directly communicates with ourprofessionals for theirrequirementswhich in turn are easily given price quotations for approval. This process expedites project executionand simplifiesterms within the contractto a level agreeable to both the client and the company

Interior Fit Out

One of the easy ways to go about the process of having your space designed beautifully is to get an Interior Designer. This professional will prepare for you plans, perspective renderings, and mood boards to illustrate and define the interior space before any actual fit-out is done. The layout shown on the plans expresses the relationship of the spaces with each of the elements that are placed in the room. For example, the tables and chairs are arranged in such a way that foot traffic remains unobstructed or a writing table is placed near a window to allow light during daytime. A space can be designed as simple or as complex as your ownpreferred design directionbut with limitless options. The Interior Designer provides you thesewithin legal parametersto fully enhance the potential of each space while articulating the room’s character and functionality.When the design process is complete and your selections are final, you can now get us to build the interior space for you.

Another way to go about having an Interior Fit-Out done is to have us send you a proposal both for the design and the fit-out works. Once we reach an agreement, we proceed with doing the designbased on your best optionwithin our agreed cost-effective parameters. Once you approve our design proposals, we proceed with the technical drawings, secure permits, and then start with the fit-out.